Diving in the Bahamas

Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters of The Bahamas and explore an underwater world full of beauty and mystery with our exciting diving tour. If you are a certified diver looking for an extreme adventure, Ven Conmigo Tours has the perfect experience for you. Each morning, our boats depart on a two-course guided diving trip, both in the morning and afternoon, exploring the coral reefs, shipwreck sites and islands surrounding New Providence. Get ready for a unique diving experience in The Bahamas that will leave you breathless!


  • Daily Dives: Our boats make two dives a day, both in the morning and afternoon, allowing you to explore different underwater sites.
  • Unique Exploration: From shallow reefs to famous shipwreck sites, each dive offers a unique underwater experience.
  • Flexibility: We select the dive sites based on the weather conditions and the preferences of the participants, ensuring an experience adapted to your interests.
  • Equipment Included: We provide all the necessary equipment, from tanks and weights to masks, to ensure your comfort and safety underwater.
  • Complimentary Transportation: We offer round-trip transfers from your hotel, so you can enjoy the tour without logistical worries.

Dive details:

  • First Dive: You will begin your diving day with a dive along an impressive underwater wall. These majestic walls rise from depths of 40 to 60 feet and descend to an incredible 6,000 feet on the Tongue of the Ocean. Throughout the dive, your divemaster will guide you to a depth of 80 feet, where you can enjoy the beauty of this underwater environment for 30 minutes. However, we maintain flexibility to accommodate divers' preferences, allowing some to stay in shallower areas or extend their dive as desired.
  • Second Dive: After a rest to recharge, you'll dive to a shallow reef, movie site, or fascinating shipwreck. Each location offers a unique experience, from exploring a 100-foot freighter submerged in 50 feet of water to discovering the famous James Bond shipwreck or the Cessna used in the filming of JAWS, all surrounded by stunning coral formations and incredible diversity. of marine life.
  • Flexibility and Variety: The selection of dive sites is made on the same day of the excursion, which allows us to adapt to the weather conditions and the preferences of the participants. Additionally, we offer special afternoon dives, each with a different experience, giving you the opportunity to further explore the underwater wonders of The Bahamas.

This tour is perfect for:

  • Certified divers looking to explore new underwater locations.
  • Nature and adventure lovers who want to discover the beauty of the ocean.
  • Those looking for an exciting and safe diving experience in The Bahamas.

This tour includes:

  • Tourist guide in English.
  • Transportation to and from the hotel, AirBnB or port.
  • Masks, tanks, weights and weight belts.
  • Water and ice to stay hydrated.

Does not include:

  • Snacks and other drinks besides water.
  • Tips for the crew.
  • Personal equipment such as wetsuits and diving fins.

Dive into the depths of the ocean and discover an underwater world full of mystery and beauty! Book your spot now and get ready for an exciting aquatic adventure exploring coral reefs and shipwrecks on the Bahamas diving tour.

Note: Time and prices are subject to change without previous notice.

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  • Spanish, English
  • Included in the price
  • 18
  • 2 - 100