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It arises from the need to satisfy the tourist market, specifically the Hispanic market without neglecting tourists of other nationalities who we also welcome with open arms.
Yaite, its creator and founder, after working for several years in one of the only two Bahamian companies that provided this type of service to Hispanic clients visiting the country and after collaborating with the other agency occasionally, decides to start this business. with the intention of putting into practice all the experience you accumulate and provide a quality service and enjoyment at the level of its clients.
Yaité was born in Havana, Cuba and has lived in the Bahamas for the last 21 years, which makes her the only Hispanic who runs a business of this type in the country. All this time in a foreign country has allowed him to appropriate the most indigenous roots of Bahamian culture and history.
As a tourism worker, Yaité is fully qualified and accredited by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and its “Bahamas Host” program, these are other guarantees that you can have to know the quality of service you will receive if you decide to visit the Bahamas with Ven Conmigo Tours. Seriousness, personality, knowledge and desire to make you find, arrive and enjoy these wonderful Atlantic Islands.